Anti Graffiti Coating for Wood

Anti Graffiti Coating for Wood

WoodGuard AntiGraffiti is a twocomponent product that protects wood agasint water, oil and graffiti.

WoodGuard AntiGraffiti protects vertical woods against graffiti, tags of all kinds (paint, felt pen etc.), moisture, grease and stains.WoodGuard AntiGraffiti can be cleaned dozens of times (using GraffiGuard 2010 anti-graffiti cleaner) and will still keep working, so it does not need to be reapplied after graffiti has been removed.WoodGuard AntiGraffiti allows the wood to breathe. It does not peel, blister or yellow.
WoodGuard AntiGraffiti is a water-based eco-friendly product. It is solvent-free and with low VOC content.Ideal for treating vertical bare woods :
scots pine, larch, douglas, spruce. For other woods, please contact us.

For use on :
weatherboarding, fencing,
window shutters, gates, etc.
NOTE : The greying of wood is a natural phenomenon that cannot be prevented by WoodGuard AntiGraffiti. To protect against UV light and greying, use a WoodGuard Color treatment.

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