Anti Graffiti Spray

Anti Graffiti Spray

Graffiti is a term which means to scratch on to a surface. This can be done in a variety of ways. Predominantly in todays society this is with the use of spray paints, marker pens, inks and pencils. Graffiti is usually carried out in public areas for full visual exposure.

Graffiti has both positive and negative attributes. Some of these positive aspects are when large murals are commissions and classed as ‘street art’. However there is also the negative aspect using fowl and abusive language and general tagging which is unsightly. This graffiti can damage substrates and cost hundreds of thousands of ponds per year to remove.

Hydron have produced a wide variety of Anti-Graffiti Coatings to combat the destructive nature of Graffiti. Substrates can be protected against the damaging affect of Graffiti. This variety of Anti Graffiti Paint systems has been designed to suit all circumstances where graffiti is an issue. Graffiti does not just occur outside, but inside public areas as well. Hydron manufacture both Internal and external Anti graffiti Coatings with both clear and pigment finishes to suit the required finished appearance.

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