Graffiti on Statues

Vandalism on old Statues

Unfortunately we see a new trend happening, and that is people putting graffiti on old statues. A lot of ‘sensitive’ statues have been destroyed this way as the statues were unprepared and also very old & tough to repair. Our advice is to prepare them well with anti graffiti coating. This trend is by the way happening all over the world, not only recently in the US.

A few samples of statues damaged by Graffiti

Graffiti on Marble

What’s important with ¬†Graffiti on Marble

An ideal coating marble coating preserves the natural color, gloss, texture, and integrity of marble substrates and adequately aids in the complete and safe removal of graffiti. Sacrificial coatings are reversible barrier films that can protect vulnerable surfaces from damage resulting from this type of vandalism. Sacrificial coatings are also attractive for health and safety reasons because many require only hot water washing for removing graffiti from coated surfaces. Avoiding the use of solvents and chemical cleaning agents is always a perk for the person carrying out the cleaning treatment. If you want to preserve Marble be very careful what you use. Here you can read more about Marble & Graffiti: (1) (2)


Graffiti in Hong Kong

An ongoing interesting discussion

Art or Vandalism in Hong Kong in relation to Graffiti? You decide.

Graffiti on a Statue in US

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