Different Kinds of Graffiti

Types of Graffiti

There are different types of graffiti. To prevent graffiti you need to know which graffiti you are up against.

The major types include:

  • Conventional graffiti, often isolated or spontaneous acts of youthful exuberance, but sometimes malicious and vindictive;
  • Wildstyle, It’s a complicated and extremely stylized form of writing that, to the untrained eye, is not easy to read. Wildstyle writing features arrows, spikes, curves and other elements that non-graffiti artists may have a hard time understanding. Wildstyle pieces are often 3D and considered to be one of the most complicated forms of graffiti.
    Wildstyle Graffiti (the highest quality graffiti)

    Simple ‘Tags’ (the lowest quality graffiti)
  • Tag graffiti, ranging from high-volume simple hits to complex street markings;
  • Graffiti Pieces, A piece (short for masterpiece) is a graffiti painting, much more complex than a tag and having at least three colors.
  • Stencil Graffiti, stencil graffiti can be thrown up in a matter of minutes.
  • Throw-Ups, A throw-up is a little more complicated than a tag, usually having two or three colors, but not nearly as elaborate as a piece. A throw-up is something that can be done quickly and repeatedly, while still identifying the writer.
  • Ideological graffiti, such as political graffiti including political messages or slogans about an issue, or hate graffiti, which may include racial, religious or ethnic slurs; and
  • blockbuster graffiti, A blockbuster is used to cover maximum area in a minimal amount of time. Often consisting of large block letters, the blockbuster can be accomplished with paint rollers and two or three colors of paint. Usually a blockbuster is put up to cover up other work or block other writers from putting anything up on the same area.
  • Heaven Graffiti, A heaven is a piece that’s put up in a very hard-to-reach location, often near or on the tops of tall buildings or on freeway signs. Because they’re so dangerous and difficult to reach,
  • Gang graffiti, used by gangs to mark turf and convey threats of violence, and sometimes copycat graffiti, which mimics gang graffiti. It can also include large, mural-style works that may incorporate a signature.

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