Anti Graffiti Coating for Brick or Concrete

Anti Graffiti Coatings for Concrete or Brick Walls

Is there such a thing as a clear anti-graffiti coating for concrete that doesn’t change the appearance? The answer is yes.

For years architects, specifiers, building owners and managers have been searching for an anti-graffiti solution for natural concrete structures. There is plenty of clear anti-graffiti coatings on the market but all of these use polyurethanes to provide an impervious finish to the substrate making tagging easy to clean off. Current coatings on the market are normally semi-gloss or gloss and will change the appearance of natural concrete.

An anti-graffiti coatings true test is when the structure or substrate it is protecting is actually tagged, this is when the coatings performance is put to the test, how well has the painting contractor applied the anti graffiti paint, how well has it covered the substrate and how well does it resist the chemicals required to remove the graffiti tag?

With the newest anti graffiti coating protection products ou there, it’s a clear, non sacrificial coatings for instance, coatings who are very easy to apply and clean once it has been tagged with graffiti.

Anti Graffiti has trialed a few of these products and found that graffiti left on the protected natural concrete for over 2 weeks was still very easy to clean off using a chemical graffiti remover and a low-pressure hot wash water blast. The graffiti left no shadowing on the concrete surface and we were very pleased with the end result.

If you are wanting to join the fight and discourage taggers from defacing your property you need to follow the next 3 steps.

Ugly Graf

Discouraging Graffiti Tagging on your Concrete Walls

Step 1 – Protecting your property

You need to protect your property, this can be done with the application of anti-graffiti coatings, if the correct anti-graffiti coating is applied this will be a cost you will need to budget for every 5-10 years depending on your property exposure and site.

Protecting your property won’t discourage graffiti taggers on its own it will help you to clean the graffiti tag off in a cost effective manner saving you removal costs and making it easier to remove the tags. The best you can do in the fight against graffiti taggers is to remove their tags before any of their friends and followers get to see the tag.

Note anti-graffiti coatings or high gloss finishes that are seen on a wall are a magnet for a graffiti artist, they know you are trying to stop them from defacing your building so they go to extremes and apply graffiti on areas you never thought of or perform large tags on the visibly protected areas.

Step 2 – Remove the Graffiti Quickly

As mentioned above, the faster you can remove the graffiti the faster you will win the fight of discouraging graffiti artist from attempting to deface your property, this does cost you in the short-term but in the long-term will save thousands in the long term when word gets around that you are serious about keeping your property graffiti free .

Step 3 – Implement an Anti-Graffiti Removal Plan

Use professional services to protect your commercial property looking good and maintaining the property and its presentation. One of the most damaging things that affect your properties appearance is  graffiti. Having a plan that is implemented to tackle this issue will help you with caring for your first impressions.


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