Anti Graffiti Paint

Usage of Anti Graffiti Paint

Again new graffiti on your property and not for the first time? You know the cleaning is going to cost you an arm and a leg and you will pay it just to find new “art work” on your property, and again pay for cleaning.  Luckily there is an end to this! Anti graffiti paint makes cleaning graffiti easy, reduces costs and contributes to preventing new graffiti attacks.

Two Types of Anti Graffiti Paint

There are two different types of anti graffiti systems; permanent anti graffiti coating for surfaces at high risk of graffiti and temporary (sacrificial) anti graffiti system for areas where graffiti does not need to be removed frequently.

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anti graffiti coatingTemporary Anti Graffiti Paint (Sacrificial & Semi Sacrificial)

Semi permanent anti-graffiti paint is also called B-wax due to the fact that the composition and function of the coating resemble a wax layer. A semi permanent or temporary anti graffiti paint creates a polymer intermediate barrier on the wall. The graffiti attaches to the barrier instead of the wall itself. When cleaning the wall, the graffiti and the sacrificial wax layer will come off.

This makes it an easy cleaning job. Unfortunately, after the removal, it is necessary to apply a new layer of anti graffiti coating to activate the protection again.


anti graffiti paint for metalPermanent anti graffiti Paint

Thanks to nanotechnology, the permanent coating has water and oil repelling properties which do not let the unwanted “artwork” adhere into it. The nano particles in a permanent coating additionally, ensure a hard protective layer. As a result, removing the graffiti does not damage the substrate.

The coating layer does not need to be applied again after removal;  it remains effective for 3-8 years (50 to 70 cleaning rounds).

Permanent anti graffiti paint offers durable protection but is initially more expensive than temporary coatings; on the long run it however, is more beneficial.


Applying Anti Graffiti Paint

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